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Capitalize on OWC’s proficiency to drive your transition or new venture on Shopify Plus, Magento, or Woo-Commerce. Our experience in eCommerce is versatile, ROI-centric, and primed to propel your business growth. We create interactive, high-conversion e-commerce platforms that engage and win customers. We thrive on breaking boundaries with inventive e-commerce solutions that elevate your visitor conversion rates. With deep insights across various eCommerce platforms, we possess the expertise to tailor them to your unique needs or develop custom solutions for the most complex projects. Regardless of your choice, we assure a sturdy, secure website to showcase your offerings to the worldwide market.”


  • Platform Analysis: Assessing your current ecommerce platform to understand its strengths and weaknesses and identify the requirements for the new platform.

  • SEO Preservation: Implementing strategies to preserve your site’s SEO during the migration, including redirecting URLs and transferring meta tags.

  • Theme Migration or Redesign: Moving your current site design to Shopify, or designing a new, optimized theme that fits your brand and makes the most of Shopify’s features.

  • Custom Functionality Development: Creating custom apps or integrations to add any functionality that isn’t available on Shopify out of the box.

  • Integration with Third-Party Systems: Ensuring that Shopify can seamlessly communicate with your existing systems such as ERP, CRM, or email marketing software.

  • Testing: Thoroughly testing your new Shopify store to ensure everything works as it should, including checkout, payment processing, and mobile responsiveness.

  • Training: Providing training on the Shopify platform so that your team can effectively manage the new store.

  • Post-Launch Support: Offering technical support after the migration to help you resolve any issues that arise and ensure a smooth transition.

  • Data Migration: Safely transferring all data from your current platform to Shopify. This includes product information, customer data, order history, and more.